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Developers, consultants and contractors
Access the Land Development Manual and Water and Sewer standards. Obtain information about Development Deeds and land development Consultant/Contractor Accreditation.
Builders and plumbers
Access the water meter and servicing guidelines and conditions of connection. Obtain information about sewer and drinking/recycled water connections, tappings and locating property assets.
Solicitors and conveyancers
Request a Water Information Statement, Rates Settlement Statement and Property Sewerage Plan required for buying and selling property. Understand Encumbrance Certificates.
Property owners
Find out how to develop your land and how to request to build over our easements. Find information on sewer and drinking/recycled water connections and locating property assets.

The Knowledge Hub has been redeveloped. Please see the new Land Development Hub at










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Ordering Information Products online such as Sewer Depth & Offset plans and Property Sewerage plans 

PropertyFlow for solicitors and conveyancers

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Application forms

Current turnaround times

Land Development Manual

Metering and Servicing guidelines

Standard drawings for manifolds

Technical drawings for potable and recycled water

Yarra Valley Water Pricing Manual

Yarra Valley Water website


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